The week that will might change my life. AKA The week I didn’t get into the AA.

I have a blog. Not this one but another one. It contains a lot of pictures of things that interest me as well as a few videos, mostly of Thom Yorke dancing funny. Whilst I love posting to this blog and get a lot of enjoyment from sourcing and posting content, the tumblr format has it’s drawbacks.

I really enjoy the scrapbook element to tumblr but I have started to think that I want to blabber about some things and offer more of my opinion on certain things that aren’t just ‘Ace!’ or ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Pile of shit. Why do people even commission Zaha?!’. I’ve been out of university for almost three years now. The longest bit of writing I have done in those three years is a personal statement to get me back into an educational establishment. I’m not saying I want to be a journalist, essayist, critic or Carrie off Sex and the City but there comes a time where you just want to write stuff.

It’s Good Friday. I’m no longer a God-botherer so it’s importance stretches to the fact that today is the start of a four-day weekend. Which is nice. This week has been quite a significant one in a relatively insignificant way. I accepted my place at London Metropolitan University to study for my Architecture Part II. I also, somewhat bizarrely, had an interview at the Architectural Association that I didn’t care about, or fully appreciate. I don’t want that to come across arrogant or uppity, that is completely not the case. I would love to study at the AA, I wouldn’t have applied there if I didn’t but I came to realise that it wasn’t the right place, at the right time. Unfortunately this was at the exact moment of walking through the door of the interview room.

Now I’m not saying if I had put effort into preparing for the interview and my performance in the interview I would have got in. Far from that ridiculous assumption. After talking with friends, peers and colleagues I came to the conclusion that I was not right for the place nor it for me. Its hard for me to articulate the precise reason why, mostly because it’s a feeling that I have. It might be that I don’t think I have reached the maturity required to study there, but I think I’m being hard on myself when I say that. I have been out of practice in architecture. I have been working, in various guises (one, two, three), in the profession for the past three years but I haven’t challenged myself mentally or critically. A large part of why I want to write this blog is to train myself back into writing. Writing about things that I’ve done and my opinions on what other people have done. I need to be critical.

I want to be able to offer my take on things when people talk about a topic, not just say ‘Oh yeah, I blogged a close up of the concrete detailing of that project!’. I need to read buildings more, look at their plans and sections. I always say I really enjoy the materiality of buildings but I feel that is just an excuse for not paying attention to how the building works. I’ve settled into a very vain and superficial view on architecture that isn’t good. I can confidently say I like a building but struggle to say why beyond it’s looks. I know I have more to offer and I know that I can enjoy and appreciate architecture more, I’ve just got to grow up and think more about these things.

Like my tumblr blog, I’m starting this purely for myself. If other people come to read it and like it then that’s a bonus. I’m always keen to engage with people and read people’s comments.

I don’t want to set a target for a set number of posts a week because I think that will force me into doing it. And that’s not what I’m looking to gain. Let’s just wait and see when my next post will be and what it will be about.


Note to self: Include more jokes next time. And complex sentences.

The week that will might change my life. AKA The week I didn’t get into the AA.