An absence

I knew this wordy blogging thing wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. And I knew setting deadlines was the wrong way to go.

My idea of what I want to use this for has changed also. My thought was that this would be a platform to improve my articulation of architectural thought and to try and develop a more thorough and thoughtful critique of stuff I like and, perhaps more interestingly, the stuff I don’t like.

My opinion on how to actually form an opinion and support it has also changed. I can easily say that I don’t like anything that has the name Zaha Hadid on but what else can I say except that I find it ugly? It’s this articulation of distaste that I feel I need to convey, almost as much as that of adulation and celebration.

It is also the process of listing buildings that made me think a bit more about opinions. Architecture, as with all design disciplines is subjective. It is easy to like and dislike things but its the appreciation of things you don’t like that I’m looking to work on. Yes, I may not like or even hate a building but you should also be able to see why it has significance and why other people like it.

This exercise should also confirm to me what I like about the architecture I admire. It’s like looking at the white space around an object. Focus on what you don’t see, or feel, as much as what you do.

It might seem glaringly obvious to others that this is what you should think, and it is pretty obvious to me now thinking about it but it is putting it down on in words that makes you fully aware and conscious of what you want to do.

So instead of using this purely for reviewing and pointing things out I want to be able to put my thoughts down about anything and everything.

And for the record, my favourite buildings, at the moment, are the Nordic Pavilion by Sverre Fehn and Exeter Library by Louis Kahn.

An absence

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